Friday, February 27, 2009

Angels in the Architecture

In the summer of 1969, barely graduated from high school, I suffered a massive heart attack after contracting a virus of the heart lining--a condition known as myocarditis. I had died in my hospital bed and looked down upon the living from a place that we shall all visit one day.

In this blog, just over a month ago, I told the tale of how a loving nurse helped me find the path back to the living. The essay was entitled How Myoko Sakatani Saved My Life. (You can click here to read it).

Years later, when I contacted the hospital where I had spent that eventful summer, I was told that Myoko had moved on. Today, the hospital itself has closed. I felt sad that I never had the opportunity to thank her for all she had done for me.

The blogosphere is an astonishing place. It seems that I average but 25 readers a day, and I have only been here since December. I'm a fleeting tick of a second hand in the digital ether. So you can imagine how I felt this morning when I opened an email, forwarded from my business website, where someone had apparently searched for me. The message read:

"My father emailed me a story about Myoko Sakatani. He contacted Myoko and she said that it was she that was in the story you wrote. Would you like to contact her?"


tangobaby said...

exactly for reasons like this is why the blogosphere will always have more angels than demons in it, for me, at least.

I can't WAIT to hear what happens next! I'm SOOOOO happy for you!


ps, my comment moderation word is "blessest". ;-) say what you will.

vic said...

Yep Yep as my son says.....

No accidents THANK GOD.

E plays her 1st concerto tomorrow night,
I wish you were here!

we love you so!

Char said...

how exciting!!!!! I can't wait to hear what happens.

my moderation word is garamo - no clue what it means besides, I have no control over the comment? LOL

A Cuban In London said...

Oh, man, this is si surreal that I almost wept with joy. I read you story first and I was moved by it. And now you have the chance to meet your saviour. Many thanks for such a wonderful article.

Greetings from London.

Mari said...


moonshark said...

I found you through Starlenes blog; I was drawn to that remarkable picture.
Imagine my surprise to find an even more remarkable story. Stories like this make my heart sing...consider me your 26th daily reader.

Its nice to meet you. Starlene has great taste.

Theresa said...

When I think about someone that meant a lot to me, I wonder if it will be that person the next time the phone rings. Thus, I have come to believe that thinking about someone draws them closer to you, because more than a few times, the phone did ring and it was them.

Cherishable moments = peace.

ardsmi? That's my word.