Thursday, August 13, 2009


Loyalists and others. Will be busy a while preparing a print manuscript of this blog in the hopes of finding a publisher. Hope to get back to blogging when I can. I am so grateful to all your kind comments and support. You rock! You've given me juice when I ran out. Email if you want a copy of the ms.


Bill Stankus said...

I wish you success and good fortune - indeed a noble quest.

A Cuban In London said...

Just back from my fantastic holidays in Spain and doing my usual blog round. It's so nice to see that the good quality has not diminished one bit and that you're moving on, mate. Many thanks for your updates and for including my review of your book on your blog. Much appreciated.

Greetings from London.

Glimmer said...

Sorry I was not there to be your guide. I miss it. Everyday I miss it.

Anonymous said...

Rinn and the Hearts of Soul had at least one live gig. I distinctly recall seeing them play at Pierce College sometime in the fall of '70 or the spring of '71.
I was just tending to the dishes this evening when, unbidden, Rinn suddenly popped into my mind. I grew up in Granada Hills from '57 till '66. I can remember playing up in the hills in the road cut for 405 when it was under construction. It's all gone now of course, the orchards, the chicken ranch, the rubarb field at the end of Danube Ave. Mario in San Carlos